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        • Name: Powdery Lithium Soap Thickening Agent
        • Number: HX0103
        • Time: 2011-03-26
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        The powdery lithium soap thickening agent, generally called lithium soap powder, is made from high-quality raw materials according to the designed structure through precision filtering, saponification, dehydration, and dispersion under the condition of manual clean space and strict control.

        By using the lithium soap powder, customers are able to produce lithium lubricating greases rapidly and conveniently. The high cleanness of the lithium soap powder is the basic condition to ensure the cleanness of terminal products and the foundation to achieve excellent shaking property of the bearing.

        With stable and consistent quality, the lithium soap powder can ensure stable quality of customers’ products, and can largely decrease their cost and time consumption in links of purchase, storage, production, safety and environmental protection, etc, freeing customers from worry.

        The company offers complete technical support, draws up and provides suitable production technology in accordance with equipment situation of customers, and can meet their differentiated requirements by performing serialized working on lithium soap powder.


        Convenience, Safety, Environment Friendliness, Low Cost, High Quality, High Property


        Applicable to the production of lubricating greases taking lithium soap as the thickening agent

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